Red Fine Hardwood Floors. Miami's best rated hardwood floor specialists. Committed to Excellence since 1997.
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  • We Offer:

    • Expert installation of all hardwood selections
    • Custom stain matching
    • Custom Repairs
    • Unfinished Solid Wood Flooring
      This offers the client customization. You select the wood type, color of stain, and finish to customize.
    • Pre-finished Solid Flooring
      This really enhances any room and provides you with a factory finish warranty based on the manufacturer of your wood flooring choice. There is a wide variety of flooring in almost any species of wood. Pre-finished Flooring offers a clean/contemporary look. The benefit is no sanding or staining.
    • Floating Floors
      This floor can be installed almost anywhere. Floating floors are made of multiple layers of wood constructed with tongue and grooves along all four sides. They are not nailed or glued to the sub floor hence the name floating floor.
    • Engineered Wood Flooring
      This floor consists of layers of wood pressed together with the top layer being the finished floor product. Many different species, colors and finishes are available. It is perfect for those areas of the house where solid wood flooring is not suitable.
    • Expert repairs of floors, and sub-floors
    • Expert staining and color matching 
    • Sanding, finishing, and restoration
    • Dust-free Floor Sanding
      RED uses the best dust extraction system on the market. We have dramatically reduced the amount of dust, improving the overall quality of your floor and home.
    • Stairs
      We service, stain and sand stairs because they should match the rest of your beautiful floor.
  • Quality Hardwood Demands Skilled Craftsmanship

    Old world craftsmanship is a skill we pride ourselves on. We specialize in hand rub stains, which is an old-world technique, because we don't cut corners that sacrifice quality. We take our time to do it right the first time, by hand, which allows the natural grain to be seen in the wood.