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  • RED Fine Hardwood Floors restored our 1930s red oak hardwood floors. They removed the old, yellowed, damaged finish, replaced about 4-5 boards, replaced 3 thresholds, and then reapplied new water-based, high traffic zero-VOC finish. RED was amazing every step of the way. In short, don't "wonder" if you're choosing the right team, just go with RED. You will never regret you did. You absolutely get everything you pay for and more with this team. They are not just people with floor equipment, they are true specialists in the care, maintenance, installation, and restoration of hardwood floors. - They truly advised us on the right way to redo our floors. They are true experts and you can take their recommendations as gold. We thought we wanted to stain our floors darker, but RED quickly talked us out of it, even though it would have meant more money for them. From their expertise, they knew what our historic floors would look like with just their own natural beauty and we cannot be happier with the end result. They even got permission for us to visit a home they were redoing nearby with similar floors so we could see the finish in person before proceeding. - Scheduling Masters! Even though we were advised of a very full schedule, RED appreciated that we had 1 month of the new home being vacant that would be ideal for redoing the floors. They suggested showing up in between other jobs to fit us in within our target time frame... We ended up getting lucky there was a reschedule for another job and they gave us the next available straight-through time slot, but the fact they were willing to be problem solvers made a huge impression on us. - Absolutely, 100% professional in all regards. They respected our home (even though we weren't living in it at the time), always cleaned up at the end of each day, were careful with doorways and walls, and were even super friendly with our curious 6 year old who was very interested in their work. The same three experts were always on the job, no strangers or subcontractors. - Perfect communicators. I received a phone call each morning before the team started, a text or phone call when they broke for lunch, and another phone call at the end of the day with a recap of where we were in the progress of the job. That's service you just don't get anywhere else! When they started applying the new finish, we got several photos so we could see the progress (because we weren't supposed to walk or touch floors for a day or two)... Such a personal yet professional touch. - After-sale support... Our home was SPOTLESS after the job was complete. Not a spec of sawdust or other dust/dirt anywhere. The floors looked and felt like silk, and we were given a cleaning kit and demonstration of how to maintain the floors for years to come. In a place like Miami, where service is all but gone... RED is proof that there are still people that take pride in their work and aim only for perfection and your complete satisfaction. The ONLY hardwood flooring company you even need to consider.

    Andrea B., Angie's List Member

  • Red Fine came to repair the wood floors in my kitchen after they sustained water damage from a leaking refrigerator. the best word use to describe there level of customer service, professionalism and work product. These guys are pretty amazing. I got estimate from other wood refinishers that I was wary of once they left. When Ramon from Red Fine came to provide us with an estimate it was like a breath of fresh air. He was punctual, professional and offered us a competitive price. Once the job started we came to realize that we had Dade Pine under the existing flooring, despite resulting in less profit and more man hours for them they urged me to keep the Dade Pine floors which you can no longer obtain. They contacted the lumber company who agreed to take back the flooring I had purchased for the job and give me a credit (less a restocking fee). Red Fine called, the lumber company, negotiated the return and took the merchandise back to the lumber company. Midway through the process my fridge started leaking again and they did not hesitate to put the job on hold until I was able to resolve the issue. The job looks great and the entire experience which could have been a nightmare was actually pleasant. I highly recommend these guys. They are a dying breed...professional, punctual, detail-oriented and hard working.

    Sylvia V., Angie's List Member

  • Red Fine completely redid our bird's eye maple floors in the living room, dining room, library, and upstairs balcony. Red Fine was the best from beginning to end, and we are thrilled with their work. I can't recommend them highly enough. In fact, I recommended them to a friend and neighbor who came by to see the work they were doing for us. Ramon responded right away to my call for a quote, came by and explained what the floors needed, our options, and gave us an excellent price. They were able to start just about a week later, which fit our schedule perfectly. They were always punctual, clean, careful, and extremely thorough and hard working. We actually added the balcony portion of the work after the main work was done so beautifully. This was one of the best consumer experiences I have ever had. Our floors were quite banged up from use and from an old pet, and had some bad areas of damage, and now they look like new. Ramon and his team were wonderful to work with and are extremely likable people. I give them my highest recommendation.

    David T., Angie's List Member

  • RED sanded, sealed and refinished 2,015 sf of solid oak floors with TRAFFIC water-based polyurethane. They did an exceptional job. We'd started the job with another person, who'd previously refinished our cabinets and asked to do our floors. The first person was clearly out of his element. He used a Poe rental sander that gouged the floors and left a considerable dust residue. We dismissed him midway when it was clear he was over his head. We then found Red Fine Hardwood Floors on Angie's list, picking them because their reviews showed the most experience by far in dealing with damaged floors. They also sand with minimal dust equipment. We were not disappointed. The floors look absolutely brand new--no evidence whatsoever of the gouges from the first refinisher. The work included two bathrooms, where they hand sanded around the fixtures, and three closets, where they hand sanded around water heaters and air units. They also handled a stepped entrance way and lots of nooks and crannies. Tacking from the original installation exposed by the sanding was individually tamped down into the floor and each one then covered in matching putty. Entry and bathroom areas that had received water damage over the years were restored like new. We paid an extra $2,000 for the water based sealer. They put a sample of both the water and oil based on a section of sanded floor for us to look at. The oil based yellows over time, giving an amber coloration to the floors. The water based does not, allowing the natural wood color to be maintained. And since there aren't any fumes with water based, you can occupy the house during and immediately after the refinishing, versus vacating and spending 3-4 days after somewhere else for the oil based.

    J. Calvin W., Angie's List Member

  • Refinished white washed, white oak floors. Installed new flooring in two rooms and repaired many new openings due to moved walls and doorways. Lets start from the beginning. I just bought a house that needed major renovations. I called Red Fine Hardwood floors(RFHF). Ramon called me back very shortly and he came out to look at the job. My first challenge was to determine what color oak flooring I had. I know it sounds obvious but many times its very difficult to know the difference between RED and WHITE oak. I took a sample from my floor to Shell lumber and asked 6 employees what color oak I had. They all said it was red oak. When Armando came to my house he looked at my floor and told me I had White Oak.... I said, "how's that possible, 6 guys from Shell lumber told me I had RED! Armando, said "look at the floor, do you see where the wood has a streak of white on half of it? Only white oak does that". When it come to professionalism Ramon and Armando wrote the code. They always return every call I made whether I left a message or not. When RFHF came out to the house we both realize the finishing job would not happen for 3 or 4 months. I kept in touch with RFHF throughout my renovation process to let them know how I was progressing and when I would be ready for them to start. I called Ramon one day to let him know I was about to put in a new air handler and need about 9 sqft of oak flooring for the closet before the air handler was installed. Ramon, said "Hey I just finished installing a prefinished oak floor, its not exactly the same size as yours but its going in a closet. Do you want some of it" Ramon and Armando CAME OVER THAT SATURDAY AND installed the few sq ft no charge! At this point I still hadn't even sign a contract or given them a dime. These guys are NOT your typical business men. They love what they do and enjoy life. Its NOT all about money like every other contractor out there. They go above and beyond. Ramon and Armando(and the latest edition, Carlos) Will renew your faith in mankind. These are some very special guys. If you ever need your floors finished, just make one call. Forget getting multiple bids. These guys will do the best work and the price will be inline with anyone else. They are the Da Vinci of hardwood floor finishing and installation.

    Katherina K., Angie's List Member